Timless image

Love, emotions, connections: this is what inspire me the most.

I started my adventure with photography when I was a kid; I remember that I loved to capture moments with my family during the weekends and holidays when we were all together. My parents did not invest money for that equipment; we had the most cheap camera on film that you can imagine because, for us at that time, it was just a tool to tell our story and to remember when time passed. 

That was one of the main points in my life that I started feel passionate about the image. 

Simply for me, it never was just a picture; it was the emotions, feelings, the possibility to save those unrepeatable moments. I understood that images give you enormous power to remember those silly and essential moments. It is a powerful tool to look back in time and see how much we and our lives have changed from that moment. An exciting part of this is that many people like myself take pictures when we feel good when something good happens. I am happy about this because we all have a collection of beautiful memories of our life stories that should continue and be captured.

For me being a photographer and capture your important moments is a great privilege and my biggest mission. So I entirely gave myself to save those beautiful frames, which are timeless.


Who I am, and what I love

In the last seven years of experience as a professional photographer, I developed myself in different scenarios, which gave me substantial expertise.

I had the opportunity to shoot in various concerts, conferences, sports competitions, and presentations. Nevertheless, couple, pregnancy, wedding, and portrait photoshoot stole my heart, and from a while ago,  this is the main focus.


Hang out with my dog on the sofa after a busy day at work. I love to travel to places with many green areas, forests, mountains, and lakes. I enjoy sports a lot; I run frequently and take long walks during the day. I love meeting with friends and new people-  listen to their stories and points of view about life. I love good food, concerts, and dance, and simply watch a movie with hot tea in my hand. 

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