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Amsterdam photographer


Hi there, I am Aga.


The photographer based in Amsterdam. My love affair with photography started way back in my childhood. Those weekends and holidays spent capturing precious moments with my family hold a special place in my heart. We didn't have fancy gear back then, just a humble film camera that did the job of telling our story and preserving memories beautifully.

That early experience set my soul on fire for imagery. For me, a photograph is more than just a snapshot; it's a gateway to emotions, a time capsule for feelings, and a way to make fleeting moments last forever. I came to understand the incredible power of images in helping us treasure both the big milestones and the small, seemingly insignificant moments in our lives.

As a photographer, I consider it a tremendous privilege and my ultimate mission to capture these essential occasions. I pour my heart and soul into immortalizing these timeless frames, each one holding a unique story waiting to be revealed.

When I'm not busy capturing life's beautiful moments, you'll find me off exploring new destinations, going for a refreshing run, embarking on thrilling adventures, or simply unwinding on the sofa with my beloved furry friend.

So, welcome to my world of photography and storytelling – a place where memories come alive and emotions come alive!

Amsterdam photographer
Amsterdam photographer
Amsterdam photographer

I've here for you.


Each session with me is a unique experience, tailored specifically to you. It's hard to describe a typical session because every couple brings their own story and vision. But one thing is for sure: I am here to help capture the story that is uniquely yours. Whether you envision a cozy in-home session, an intimate walk on the beach, or something completely different, I'll be there to document it all. Your vision is what matters most, so let's dream up your story together and create something truly special.

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