I am delighted that you visited my website.

My name is Aga, and I am passionate about capturing your daily and unusual moments of life.

I mainly deal with couples, pregnancy, family, weddings, portraits, concerts, and event photography.

Of course, I am open to another topic, and I will be happy to take on that new challenge.

I am based in  Amsterdam but also across the Netherlands and Europe. So whatever is your photographic need, please check my work and stay in contact.


Kind words

Kind words


Hi there! I am Aga

I am pleased that you are here!

I think it is a time to know each other a little more. My name is Aga, and I am passionate about telling stories through images. Photography has been with me since I remember and is the way that gives me the freedom to express myself and show the world how it looks to me. 

I love to be in the moment and capturing those little things, like your smile, touch, the mesmerizing look at a loved one, warm hugs, and all the feelings and expressions that are surrounding you. 

I love to listen to your unique story, and during photo sessions, I try to be part of it to make you feel relaxed, worry-free, that you can show the true you. 

One of the main goals is to create an environment that you feel good and comfortable. 

Let's Keep in touch

Phone: +31 06 87290032